Keith Errington

marketing strategy
07860 267155

I work with organisations to improve their digital and social marketing. This may be through consultancy, strategic advice, workshops, coaching or project work.
This involves understanding their business and their strategic goals, and then devising a marketing plan that delivers targeted results.

I help organisations come to terms with social media and develop appropriate social media policies. I coach senior management in digital marketing and train staff in social media - what it is, how to use it responsibly and how to engage with stakeholders. I work with social media monitoring tools, not only for listening prior to social media engagement, but also to provide organisations and brands with priceless, actionable insights.

I liaise with other specialist team leaders to provide a co-ordinated, joined-up service to clients, in such areas as SEO, Pay Per Click, email marketing, PR, sales promotion and all aspects of marketing campaigns.

With a wide range of in-depth experience in marketing and communication - I’ve worked with some of the biggest and some of the most creative organisations in the world.

My MBA and business experience gives me an ideal basis for offering sound, practical and financially focussed advice at a director level.

I bring creative flair, inspirational ideas and innovative problem solving to large organisations - and experience, mentoring and guidance to business startups.
To find out how you can benefit from my expertise and advice
please ring 07860 267155 for a friendly chat.